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Middle East Family Ties Ministry

Christians have beome a small minority in the land that the Father chose as home for His Son, Jesus Christ.  They often suffer from discrimination, unemployment and lack of freedom to practice their faith.  It is vital that we offer our solidarity and support so that the Body of Christ can remain and flourish in the lands where Jesus walked.

You can be a Force for Peace and Stability:  Christians in Jordan are only 4% of the population in a land predominantly Muslim.  We have been advised that as Arab Catholic Christians, they are working hard to maintain the face of Christ in the Holy Land by opening their hearts, schools, and social services to all refugees both Christian and Muslim. 

Our brothers and sisters in Jordan need our continued friendship and support to be the face of Christ in the Middle East where they live and work to sustain the message of Jesus and to help bring His peace to our world where we are all one in the Body of Christ (1Cor 12:13; 27).

Middle EastLearn how you can participate in building Peace in the Middle East by developing and supporting a collaborative relationship with Our Lady Mt. Carmel Parish in Amman, Jordan

For more information contact:  Deacon Jim Fowkes and Barbara Fowkes at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


     > Launch Mtg. 10.17.16:  MEFT PowerPoint presentation

     Prayer Communicated:   "Prayer for Peace in the Middle East"

     > 4 Part Series:  Personal Reflecton - Rev. Fr. Imad Twal 

> December 2017 - Mid-East Family Ties Lecture Series "Mid-Eastern Roots of Christian Prayer Found in the Hymns of ST. EPHREM THE SYRIAN"

> St. Ephrem announcement - OLMC Bulletin.  Information and wonderful pictures

 8.13.18 Bishops of the Orient Call for Launching Civil State - ZENIT - English Article:  https://zenit.org/articles/bishops-of-the-orient-call-for-launching-a-civil-state/




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Mid East Family Ties Ministry

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