Haiti Mission
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Haiti Mission

haiti2The OLMC Haiti Ministry has built a growing relationship with St Simon and St Jude parish in Port au Prince Haiti. The relationship began in 2008 with a periodic medical mission whereby teams from OLMC made visits to the St Jude community and transformed the St Jude church into a makeshift clinic. These teams often provide the first access to medical care for many in the community. Every person receives basics like toothbrushes and toothpaste, vitamins, reading glasses and anti-parasite medication in addition to the specific OTC and prescription drugs they require.

The effort has grown to meet additional needs of the St Jude community. The two other main focus areas for the OLMC Haiti Ministry are clean water and providing education for the children. To date more than a hundred families have access to clean drinking water in their homes through a bucket filtration system and we are planning a clean water supply for the entire community.

As there are no public schools in Haiti a program has been established to provide tuition assistance for St Jude children. Individual children can be sponsored for a contribution of $175 per year. It is hoped that the sponsor will maintain a relationship with the child from St Jude for the remainder of their schooling.

How you can help
There are many ways to assist the OLMC Haiti Ministry. We are always looking for missionaries for the next medical team especially health care practitioners. If you are interested in being a part of the medical team, contributing to the clean water effort or sponsoring a St. Jude child.

Please contact the parish rectory at 215-348-4190 or email the ministry at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

All contributions to the OLMC Haiti ministry should be made payable to OLMC with Haiti in the memo line. You can contact the ministry at the above or mail your payment to OLMC, 235 E. State Street, Doylestown, PA 18901. There is no overhead applied to your donation; 100% of donated funds find their way directly to St. Jude in Port au Prince.

Thank you very much. We remember our supporters in our prayers and we know Fr. Andrew Labatorio CICM remembers all of us with the St. Jude congregation as well.

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haiti medicalMEDICAL SERVICES: Our Lady of Mount Carmel brings a team of medical professionals annually to service the Parish and its community regardless of their faith choices. Over 3000 patients have been cared for through this service with over 60,000 dollars of medical supplies and medications.

How You Can Help

EDUCATION: We are presently supporting 45 children to attend local schools. Without our help no education would be available for them. The public school system is not available for the very poor. It only takes $175 per year to sponsor a child.

Sponsor a Child

  haiti cleanwaterCLEAN WATER: We can make a family well, but it is only temporary if they continue to have NO access to clean water. For $25 we can provide a family with a very simple method of filtering, and chlorinating their water to purify their drinking water.
Sponsor a Family

haiti church

WE ALL NEED A PLACE TO WORSHIP: Through the support of several churches in the U.S. a chapel is being built and furnishings provided. Locally Our Lady of Guadalupe has been very supportive in providing many furnishing to enhance the spiritual journey of our brothers and sister in Haiti. Share your prayers with Haiti!
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