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Support Ministries

  • Prayer Garden

    PrayergardenThe Prayer Garden has become a favorite place for reflection, meditation and prayer. A brick walkway edged with flowers sits in the center of lawn which is framed by the Stations of the Cross. These Stations each have a small garden which is planted and maintained by a parishioner, one for each Station. Other volunteers help maintain the rest of the garden areas. We welcome parishioners to assist us in keeping the Prayer Garden a special place to communicate with God.  


    Contact Bonnie Oliver for more information or to volunteer your gardening help.

  • Frozen Meals Program

    Jesus feeding the hungry picWhat is this all about? Here is an explanation for any newcomers. We are committed to provide 110 meals a week for the shut-ins in our sister parish in North Philadelphia.


    Procedure: Pick up the empty trays in Main Vestibule of Church on Sundays…fill the three compartments from your family dinner (or you can fill one compartment at a time, freeze it, then fill the other compartments from other meals), cover the tray with foil (so that the meal may be heated). Place foil-covered tray in a plastic bag with a twisty.

    Then bring the FROZEN meal to the church on Sunday and lace in coolers provided in Main vestibule. Some wonderful extras can be included outside the foil are: cup-of-soup packets, tea bags & sugar, bread & butter, cookies, brownies, etc. Our Friends at St. Martin De Porres Parish are depending on us. We need your help! A meal a week is all that it takes. Won’t you share your blessings?

    For information please call Pat Lewis at 215-343-0944

    Also needed are “Mass helpers” to take the dinners from the Church to the freezer in the barn.

  • Bereavement Ministry

    Sunrise PicBereavement


    For Christians, life does not end; it changes.  Still, the death of loved ones tests our faith as nothing else can.  A Bereavement team member is available to assist a family as they plan a funeral liturgy.

    For more information, please check the Ministry list for the name of the Bereavement Office contact person.


    We journey with loved ones as they make plans for a Catholic Funeral Liturgy.  The Funeral is posted in the rectory and a team member checks to see if there are new funerals.  A contact is made with the family by a team member and a time is set to be together. 


    To contact Sister Dolores SSJ, please call 215-348-5488 or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  • Meditation Group

    meditationgroupMeditation Group

    The Meditation Group meets every Tuesday in St. Mary’s Hall between 11 – 11:45 AM. 

    For more information, contact Mary Montgomery, 215-794-8207 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    The root word for medicine and meditation are closely related; both imply healing.  The Meditation group is a weekly opportunity to carve out of our schedules a 45-minute gathering to experience prayer, vocal or silent, with others.  Many participants report increasing peacefulness as a result of the meetings. 

    Participation in the meditation group requires no preparation and no regular commitment, just a willingness to be still and quiet and let the Holy Spirt do the work.

    The group provides a place and atmosphere conducive to meditation while the leader provides avenues (inspiring readings, music, guided meditation) to guide both the experienced and novice in this form of prayer and spiritual exercise.  A period of quiet provides time to relax, clear our minds, and be present to the action of God in our lives.

    The participants provide a wonderful support for each other through prayer and resources, such as websites, books, and authors.  They also comfort each other by sharing experiences that have challenged or helped them on their spiritual journey.

    This is not just a Catholic practice, but a human practice which is recognized as beneficial by people in all faith and lifestyles.

    All are welcome at any time.  Give yourself the gift of some quiet time with God and your fellow travelers on the journey.

    Notes from participants:

    “I find that Meditation for me is a time for a deep peace that goes hand in hand with my spiritual beliefs.  It helps heal me emotionally,  physically and spiritually”.  Colleen

    “I find this quiet time necessary in our busy world – a time to LISTEN”. - Ed

    “When I pray, I talk to God.  When I meditate, I listen to God”. - Dorothy

    "Come and be with ME” – I welcome Jesus’s invitation and find meditation very beneficial. - Cathy

    2017 Meditation Retreat Photo

    Meditation Retreat

    You may find this website helpful


  • Scrip Program


    You are probably asking yourself how these stores help us raise money. It’s simple - scrip participating retailers agree to sell gift certificates to OLMC at a discount. Member families like yours buy and redeem the certificates for full face value, and our OLMC keeps the difference as revenue (rebate money).

    OLMC will credit the school family 50% of the rebate money to be used toward the annual school tuition.  The beauty of scrip is that you put your regular household shopping dollars to work. You earn money to assist with your school tuition and/or for our school without spending a single additional penny.

    Just spend your regular shopping dollars with scrip at the stores that participate in the scrip program through Great Lakes Scrip Center. And scrip can be used for just about any household purchase including food, clothing, entertaining, gasoline and even dining out.






    Click “create account”.

    STEP 1 Create username
    STEP 2 Create and confirm password
    STEP 3 and STEP 4 Complete all requested/required information
    STEP 5 Review and accept the agreements


    Choose and answer the two (2) challenge questions.


    Enrollment Code for Our Lady of Mount Carmel: 9EC3E33D36195


    Confirmation of your membership in OLMC will be displayed.

    You can go on to order now or return home.

    If you choose order now the “SHOP” screen will be displayed.
    If you choose “HOME” you will be returned to the main Shop with Scrip screen.

    To return to shop at a later time,, simply go back into the Shop with Scrip website and
    choose the “SHOP” tab along the top menu.



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